Europortfolio / EPNET

The goal of Europortfolio is to contribute to the realisation of a European area for lifelong learning, using ePortfolios as a means to support reflective learning and practice as well as transparency and trust across all the actors involved in education and employment.

This will be achieved by structuring the community of European ePortfolio experts and practitioners with a Learning Community Portal as a space to publish, share and review data and resources on ePortfolio practices and technologies. In co-operation with leading experts and practitioners in Europe and beyond (USA, Australia), the project will produce an inventory of ePortfolio practices, an ePortfolio Framework, a Maturity Matrix of ePortfolio projects, examples of innovative practices, implementation and exploitation guidelines and Open Educational Resources (OER).

Europortfolio Portal will act as a gateway to prompt and support further ePortfolio initiatives in Europe and share the lessons learnt to improve the outcomes of further projects. The Network of ePortfolio experts and practitioners will ensure the most recent findings on ePortfolios in EU are shared and made accessible to all decision makers and education leaders of EU member states.